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Patents, Trademark and CopyrightsTrade Dress? Is it the latest fashion on the runway? Unfortunately, it is not. Trade dress, for example, could be the red & white label on a can of Campbell's soup.

If you have been sued for infringing on trade dress, or someone has infringed your trademark, give us a call. Recka & Associates can help you with all of your patent, trademark, copyright and licensing agreement needs.

Great ideas don't happen everyday. At Recka & Associates we can guarantee your ideas are safe with our patents offering the protection that's needed. Utility Patents will exclude anyone from using a new and useful process or improvement invention. Design Patents will protect any new, original, and ornamental design.

In Wisconsin, a "mark" can be a label, trademark, trade name, term, design, pattern, model, device, shopmark, drawing, specification, designation, or form of advertisement that is used by a person or business to designate, make known, or distinguish goods or services. To help protect your small business's trademark, you should register it with the Secretary of State and the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, and make sure to use it such that is becomes associated with your business. I can assist your business with registering your trademark, including searching for already registered or pending marks to ensure your trademark is available, as well as completing the complex application process.

Publication and unpublished documents should be your words only and no one else should take credit. We can keep your original work safe by providing copyrights at Recka & Associates.


"No man has earned the night to intellectual ambition until he has learned to lay his course by a star which he has never seen."
- Oliver Wendell Holmes


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