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Any issue that involve family are important. Families who face challenges such as divorce, child support and child custody choose Recka & Associates.  We can help you get what you deserve fast so that you are able to continue to take care of your family during these hard times. They know we care about our clients and they know we are the best at what we do.

When a couple gets married they never imagine it will end in divorce.  Overtime people change and drift apart.  It is important that when a couple cannot reconcile their differences, they find the correct lawyer to help them with their separation.

An experienced divorce attorney can fight to attain the financial award necessary, to achieve justice in order to get you what you deserve out of your divorce. Read our urban legends about divorce!


"Do it yourself with lawyer help"

Can you work through your divorce on your own?  Then only pay a lawyer for the paperwork. Internet divorce forms and paralegal divorce services may not provide the assistance and documents you need to do your divorce. We help people that tried to “do it themselves". They made mistakes. Court officers were harsh because of mistakes in the papers and at Court proceedings.  After the divorce, mistakes became very expensive mistakes. A divorce is more complicated than downloading a form from the Internet or buying a set from a paralegal. You have big decisions to make about your children, property, pensions and spousal support.

If you and your spouse can work through the big decisions on your own, then you need:

  • Expert legal guidance to help you work through the big decisions.
  • Competent, experienced legal Specialists to draft the divorce petition, Marital Settlement Agreement, Financial Disclosure Agreement, Judgment and Findings of fact. Lots of documents.


We are working on a new divorce Process to fill these needs. Options for a “Do it yourself with lawyer help" Divorce

You select which option you want depending on how much involvement you want from the lawyers.

Option 1 – Documents and Coaching (This is for an agreed divorce) We charge a flat fee to draft your divorce documents.  You file them with the court. You are representing yourself. We include one hour of legal advice as a part of the package.
Estimated total fee $950.00. You will be paying the filing fees directly.

Option 2 – Flat Fee – (this is for an agreed divorce) We will represent you.  We will draft your divorce documents.  We will file them.  This includes up to 5 hours of legal advice with this package, and we go to Court with you to the final hearing.
Estimated total fee $1750.00.

Option 3 – Full Service (this is for a contested divorce) All of the work in the Full Service Package will be billed to you.  Billings will be paid out of an advanced fee.  We draft your divorce documents and file them with the Court.  We go to Temporary Hearings, to obtain child support and maintenance. We attend the final hearing.  We do Discovery necessary to find out your spouses’ assets. The estimate given below is for an initial advanced fee amount, not the total fees for the case.
Estimated Initial Advanced Fee $1750.00.  As this fee is used up, you will have to put money in the account.


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